Silvertower & Factory One

2013 konnte Movado Group in der Uhrenmetropole Biel zwei ultramoderne Geschäftsräumlichkeiten beziehen – beides Ikonen des Stadtbilds.

On 9 September 2013  MGI Luxury Group inaugurated two new buildings in Biel, one next to the station, the Silver Tower, the other in the district of Boujean, nicknamed Factory One. Present in the Seeland city since 1970, the group originally employed eleven people. Today, around 200 staff are kept busy on the two sites.

Overlooking the platforms of Biel station, the Silver Tower is home to management, corporate control and group administration. This building serves as a platform for all sales and marketing activities in Europe and the Middle East, for Swiss brands and those under licence. Recently converted, it contains ultra-modern equipment and enhances the group’s visibility while promoting its development and growth in the region. Situated on the site of Biel’s old wire-drawing mills, Factory One meanwhile is responsible for distribution, management of the logistics chain and warehouses. Recently renovated, this building is the group’s main logistical nerve centre. It also houses different watchmaking activities, as well as after-sales service workshops.

Benedikt Schlegel, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said: „We are excited to announce the official move to these new state-of-the-art facilities. With the group’s expanded operations in the Middle East and Europe, this new hub will support our planned growth and development in the region through increased performance and productivity capabilities afforded by these modern facilities.“

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